Artisanal gold mining
Andre Van Zyl - Oak Ridge Mining

About Andre Van Zyl

Andre is an social entrepreneur whose past experience includes operational military duty, owner of a start-up that developed the first commercial PC based, fully integrated, accounting system for the South African market, IT director for Lloyds based President Insurance, a South Africa insurance company, and 10 years with BP as Global Business Solutions Architect and International Programme Manager for a number of large scale business transformation solutions across 32 countries.

After leaving BP, Andre started Oakridge Business Solutions, a business consulting and knowledge management company five years ago. He formed Oakridge Mining Solutions three years ago to focus on the development potential of the artisanal mining sector in central Africa. Andre is also Chairman of Kalminco, the first Congolese minerals company with a majority shareholding by local community stakeholders, developed in partnership with Oakridge Mining Solutions and co-founder of Mission Restoration, a trust aimed at social development in Bulgaria.