Plutonium management in a nuclear renaissance
Ben Koppelman - Royal Society

About Ben Koppelman

Ben Koppelman works at the Royal Society- the world's premier organisation for independent scientific advice. He is the Director of the Royal Society's Committee on the Scientific Aspects of International Security. Ben has managed several key studies on a variety of nuclear technology and policy issues, including Fuel cycle stewardship in a nuclear renaissance for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Strategy options for the UK's separated plutonium for the Department of Energy and Climate Change; and nuclear weapons related projects for the Ministry of Defence. Ben has also been taking a lead in the Royal Society's activities in science diplomacy, including the Atlas of Islamic World Science and Innovation that considers the role of science cooperation to strengthen links with, and within, the Islamic World. Previously Ben was responsible for the Royal Society's interests in UK civil Space policy.

Prior to this Ben worked at the Department of War Studies, King's College London, the Foreign Policy Centre and the United Nations Development Programme in Honduras. Ben has a BA in Natural Sciences from Pembroke College, University of Cambridge and an MA in Philosophy King's College London.