The Global Proppants Industry
Alison Saxby - Director & Manager, Roskill

About Alison Saxby

Alison Saxby has 30 years' experience of researching industrial mineral markets and supply developments. She graduated from Leeds University with B.Eng (Hons) and is a Member of the IMMM. Alison previously worked on the leading trade publication, Industrial Minerals, and in business development for a large mineral trading and processing company, as well as operating as an independent consultant for ten years.

Alison is Director of Roskill Information Ltd and Manager of Industrial Minerals Research. She has edited and written reports, features and articles on many aspects of the industry such as bauxite & alumina, silica, fluorspar, and magnesia, as well as end-use industries including energy, refractories, ceramics, pigments, fertilisers and cement. She is a regular speaker at international conferences on various aspects of the industry minerals industry.

In the last year she has edited multi-client reports on the North American Proppants markets and the Non-metallurgical Bauxite and Alumina industry.