Panel discussion: Can entrepreneurship flourish in West Africa?
Jabesh Amissah-Arthur (Arthur Energy Advisors), Alhaji Abudulai (CME) and Carole Ramella (GFA)

Video to be uploaded soon...

About Jabesh Amissah-Arthur

Jabesh Amissah-Arthur is a Project Engineer with Arthur Energy Advisors. Prior to this he was Assistant Project Manager with CG Power Solutions, New York where he managed and developed renewable energy projects. He began his energy career in Project Engineering as an Intern at Megrant Corporation, New York. Jabesh has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Union College, New York.

About Alhaji Abudulai

Alhaji Abudulai is the Director of Operations for CME (Ghana) Ltd. Alhaji is responsible for protocol, and the coordination of governmental and local authority affairs for CME operations. Prior to this Alhaji was responsible for the car and spare parts sales and distribution for the Accra Region for Nissan Auto Parts. Alhaji began his career at the Bureau of African Affairs, Office of the President: Ghana. He holds a Diploma in Administration and Political Science, Moscow (1972).

About Carole Ramella

Carole Ramella is a Cameroonian who is the founder and Managing Director at GFA Consulting, a boutique corporate finance practice in Ghana. Before she founded GFA Carole worked as a Vice President at Duff & Phelps, Project Manager M&A at Gras Savoye, a Senior Auditor at Arthur Anderson and an Account Manager at Paribas. Carole holds a Masters in Finance from Rheims Management School, an accountancy qualification from DECF and an MBA from INSEAD.